Monday, 23 November 2009

1. In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

The media product that i will be evaluating is my charity website called Thinking Green. It is calling upon people to donate money in order to save the environment.

My website uses conventions from the WWF website. Although it is not an environmental website the layout looks very smart and it is easy to use and read. Firstly i tried to imitate the header titles they used which was ' What we do' and 'How you can help':



This is a good thing to use as it shows that their website is to the point and not full of unuseful things. I used this on my site but added one more title and worded it differently; Who? What? How?. I did this with emphasis on the question mark as it will be used thorughout the site, it will almost be used as a logo as it will be unique to our charity.

Also on WWF's homepage they have a picture with a topic that they are concerned about over the picture, i have put this on my homepage, but will also continue to put it throughout all of the pages,but instead of having notes for concerns it has a picture of nature and over them qoutes and question to get the audience thinking about why they are donating, while they are browsing the site.
I have also tried to keep this site as conventional as possible while still trying to make it my own. The reason why it has to be conventional is because it has to cater for all age and types of people. Doing this will help increase the amount of money donated as it will be targeted to an audience on a large scale.

I liked this site at first but after looking at other websites and decided that it was conventional but just to busy to really get my point across, it has almost take the from of an internet shopping site. This is not ideal as i aiming for it to be short, sweet and to the point.

The way i have challenged the forms of convention, is the way that i have used picture to try and secure the donations. Every page the viewer will be greeted with a picturesque view as this is an environmental site it should have pictures of the things we loike and want to keep . The picture will be of a beautiful natural environment to make sure they know what they are trying to save. This will also be the emphasis of Thinking Green?, the pictures will get them thinking about times where they have seen something natural and beautiful (Green) or maybe even get them considering to go and visit somewhere where they can.

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