Wednesday, 25 November 2009

2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?

The social groups i am hoping to represent in my media product are Age and Gender.
As i have already explained i have tried to keep my website conventional so it appeals to all ages from ten and onwards. We do this by keeping the language i write in simple and easy to understand, and by keeping the text clear to read, i use Franklin Gothic Book, Size 12 to do this.. The pictures vary throughout the site, while keeping the same characteristics,which are making sure they are not to extreme, good quality, beautiful to look at and trying to use them in a special and slightly unconventional way. The colours on the site are basic and mostly primary colours to make the site look fun and bright to appeal to the younger audience but sophisticated to appeal to everyone else at the same time.
The other social group this website represents is Gender. To make sure we represent gender effectively, we have made sure there is no differentiation between the two. By making sure we use a variety of simple colours and structuring the text so it is directed at everyone. Doing this we make sure we appeal to both genders, this in turn again secures the maximum amount of donations from the audience.
The main point of our website is to secure the the maximum number of hits, by doing this it is more than likely that we receive the most donations possible.

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