Monday, 11 January 2010

5. How did you attract/ address your audience?

Again knowing that i had to keep the site conventional to help appeal to all kinds of people i had to stick to simple ideas that would creat maximum effect. The colour is kept simple through except for when adding in the donate button as this was supposed to stick out to the audience so they are sure where they are able to donate and this button will appear on every page of the site to enable easy acces to the page. The key to making sure you address a wide range of people is to keep it smart and a simple this way everyone can understand it.

The font size was enlarged for logos to make it clear for the audience to read what it said and to get it to stick in their head. For the Titles pages the text was slightly enlarged to let the audience know that these are the places that you can navigate to and also highlighted the box around them to let the audience know where they are on the site, it was highlighted with a contrasting colour to the the background to help improve the visibility of the title.

I positioned most of they heavier text on the left hand side because it is human nature to read from left to right so it only makes sense to have it this way, this also means it is a conventional way of having text on the left and pictures an links on the right as it is with most sites like mine.

With the rollovers on our site we did not go to mad on how the rollovers looked. Simply all we did was made sure the audiences knew that it was a link to a different page. We did this by simply changing the colour of the text as the pointer passes over it.

Step by step to making a hyperlink on my site.

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